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RBP has been designed to support and enable the creation of Community Broadband projects across the United Kingdom and to act as a signposting agency to those already completed or under way.  As well as providing a comprehensive database of Community Broadband Projects, we aim to help Individuals, Communities, Businesses and Local Authorities with a process of joined-up thinking.

By ensuring the needs of residents, commerce and Government are aligned we are able to considerably increase the Government’s chances of meeting the target of universal coverage throughout the country.

Broadband is no longer a “nice to have” – it is an essential part of everyday living – affecting access to services, healthcare, education, housing and social inclusion to name but a few.  Broadband is now a UTILITY – if you haven’t got it, you are already at a disadvantage

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RBP has been funded by the Department of Media, Culture and Sport following recognition from BDUK (the government department responsible for the roll-out of broadband) that a means to communicate, co-ordinate and support the activities of all stake-holders was integral to the roll-out of broadband in the hard-to-reach rural areas previously considered uneconomical to service.

UPDATE December 2011: Details of the Rural Community Broadband Fund and Community Broadband Toolkit have been added to the site to assist communities to access funding, where available, and to develop project ideas with other communities applying for RCBF.