Better Broadband for Businesses

Businesses have a vital role in securing improved broadband services…

A business can seek to have a bespoke high-speed broadband connection.  This route of “going it alone” can often be incredibly costly.  A better alternative would be for your business to support a local Community Broadband Project.  This would have benefits for your business AND the community in terms of improved services and reduced costs by consolidating resources.

The good news is many communities have already initiated Community Broadband Projects to improve services. You may well discover there is a project up and running and providing a better service in your area already!  From this page you will be able to search our database of projects to find out.

If there is a Community Broadband Project started in our area your support could be vital to its success, not least because access to funding for Community Broadband Projects from local authorities is usually predicated by the need to demonstrate the number of businesses who would benefit from better broadband services.  Well run and well structured Community Broadband Projects can deliver very professional and reliable services.  If you are a small business in the community, a major employer or part of a business park where a cluster of businesses may share the same issues, your support as an “anchor tenant” to a Community Broadband Project could make all the difference!

You will find the link to register your support for a local project next to the project listings in our database of projects.

If having searched our database of projects, you would like to find out more about how your business could support your community to help start a project, please follow this link click here

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