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Many Local Authorities and Local Enterprise Partnerships have already recognised the need for improved broadband.  The Government department BDUK has issued it’s Broadband Delivery Project guidance and a template to LA’s and LEP’s describing the criteria for applications for funding from the superfast broadband fund.

LA’s and/or LEP’s are required to produce a Local Broadband Plan (LBP) which identifies and quantifies the demand for broadband within their area and once established forms the funding model requirements for implementing the facets of the LBP.

These documents are found Here

Many LA’s now know what will be the likely funding pot made available to them from BDUK, if a successful Local Broadband Plan (LBP) is produced by the LA and agreed with BDUK.

The strategy sets out the Government’s vision for broadband in the UK, which is to ensure the UK has the best superfast broadband network in Europe by 2015.   BDUK has committed £530m of funding to aid delivery in this period.

This guidance document explains the nature and purpose of the BDUK Broadband Delivery Project and provides advice to local authorities and other public bodies on how to bid for funds in the Spring 2011 Award Round and thereafter.

The Rural Broadband Partnership has been designed through consultation with BDUK and with their support and endorsement to provide and facilitate the collection and filtering of the demand, demographic and aggregation information required by BDUK.

The RBP process has been specifically structured to support this requirement and to give communities and local authorities a say in how the networks serving the communities can be built.

RBP enables the people who will eventually use the infrastructure to help shape its design and implementation through partnership programmes with the Local Authorities and relevant suppliers which help bridge the gap between competition, investment and implementation capability.

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